My Fathers Clocks

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My Fathers Clocks

My father had many, many hobbies throughout his life and was extremely good at every one he tried and when he retired the hobby that became his passion was making clocks.

Now since he had worked with wood a great deal in his life it became the material of choice. Since my father lived 60 miles from town he had no electricity but this was no problem either, as he decided to build his own fret saw that he could operated manually using an old sewing machine treadle.

Then he began to make his clocks, purchasing the clock works from a clock work supply store. After a few years the clocks became more and more elaborate and incorporated the art of marquetry (inlaid work made from small pieces of various kinds of wood).

The designs he used were all hand drawn by him and cut out manually using his saw, most of these clocks he gave away to family and friends. He had a wide variety of different clocks to choose from including wall clocks, mantel clock and even grandfather clocks.

All in all over 300 clocks were made using his home made saw. Although the clocks were mostly given away they serve as a reminder to us of someones passion for their hobby.

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