Some Unique Crafts To Learn

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Some Unique Crafts To Learn

Looking to try something different when it comes to crafting?

There are a multitude of obscure and unusual crafts, some take specialized materials while others use more convenient supplies.

Calligraphy for instance is becoming an obscure craft. The word calligraphy literally means beautiful, elegant writing, the reason this is becoming a lost art I think is the fact no one writes letters and such anymore, as this has become the age of computers.

The traditional tools used for this art include various types of inks, nib-tipped pens, calligraphy brushes, desk pads, books and paper and more. These items are available at stationary and craft supply stores.

Today there are three types of calligraphy: Western or Roman, Arabic and Chinese or oriental and each one has it's own distinct style.

So if you are looking for something different pick up a few supplies and give it a try, you may find it gratifying and may also realize that you are more artistic than you thought.

I spent an inordinate amount of time in school practising my penmanship. My hand writing is impeccable, however if you give me a calligraphy pen, my distinct style really shows.

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