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  • From Kids To Adults: We All Love To Craft

    11 août 2016

    What exactly is crafting? Is it a hobby? Just a pastime? Let's take a quick look at what defines a craft. Crafting is a pastime or even a profession that requires some skill and knowledge, and covers a wide range of activities. There are crafts for adults...

  • Some Unique Crafts To Learn

    19 août 2016

    Looking to try something different when it comes to crafting? There are a multitude of obscure and unusual crafts, some take specialized materials while others use more convenient supplies. Calligraphy for instance is becoming an obscure craft. The word...

  • My Fathers Clocks

    22 août 2016

    My father had many, many hobbies throughout his life and was extremely good at every one he tried and when he retired the hobby that became his passion was making clocks. Now since he had worked with wood a great deal in his life it became the material...

  • Crafting A Folding Bed Cover

    02 octobre 2016

    I recently purchased a folding bed for when my daughter comes to visit. I bought the 39 inch Wide Hospitality Rollaway Bed with 6 inch Tufted Premium Innerspring Mattress and it was exactly as the review described so I wasn't surprised at all except for...

  • Origami – The Paper Folding Art

    30 novembre 2016

    When it comes to paper crafts, origami, quilling and scrapbooking are popular paper crafts just to name a few, but there are many more that were created a long time ago. Today in this article we will be talking about origami. What it is, how it’s done,...


    07 juillet 2016