From Kids To Adults: We All Love To Craft

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From Kids To Adults: We All Love To Craft

What exactly is crafting? Is it a hobby? Just a pastime? Let's take a quick look at what defines a craft.

Crafting is a pastime or even a profession that requires some skill and knowledge, and covers a wide range of activities. There are crafts for adults as well as children - in fact crafting with your child is a very good idea, not only does it give your child a feeling of accomplishment but helps with coordination and concentration.

Many people do not realize how much crafting their children actually do or how much they help them. Making cards for example, you may help them make cards for a loved ones birthday, or Christmas, Easter, or maybe a get well card or a card just to say I love you.

Then there is colouring - they may colour a picture for mom, dad, grandma or grandpa, not to mention the crafts they are involved with at school.

The paper tie they made for fathers day or the the decorations for Halloween, and Christmas, even the thanksgiving turkey they made. All these thing involve some sort of craft and helps you child come up with different ideas to create a multitude of enjoyable pastimes.

So next time your children have nothing to do just break out the paper, crayons, paints, glue and anything else you may think of and let them go to work, you may be amazed at what they can create. After all they may develop such a liking it becomes a lifelong hobby.

When I talk about crafts, I am talking about something a little more complex than pretty strips of paper glued to another colourful paper. In my blog I am going to teach numerous crafts and techniques for things like party favors and wedding invites.

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